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Stand point is probably the first conscious decision of the many decisions one makes in the process of designing. This is the reason why we have chosen the subject for the first issue of our magazine. When we say it is a conscious decision it is implied that the designer has understood the intent of designing what is at hand and the very purpose it would serve. The intention and purpose are not always tangible, there are many intangible aspects which a design entails with itself. We have come to understand that a design either serves a purpose or creates a purpose and this can be a daunting task. It is a fact that since the time man has come into existence we have shared our space and our lives with the inanimate objects too. Eventually we developed the skills to design, thus
observing the position of a creator. What began as a simple act of designing for our needs led to a point where our lives got intertwined with our creations if we may call them so. Design finds its meaning in the users and the experience it provides them. More often than not we see that products and activities which have their origin in the needs of the time they were conceived over a period of time become a part of our culture and tradition.