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Brain-Snack is a small business. Its owners work hard to make a living and must pay mortgages, children's tuitions, taxes and everything else that goes with being an adult in today's world.

We ask one simple thing: Please respect the work it takes to produce quality business focused video content.

But, attorney's must make money too to pay for their mortgages, children's tuitions, taxes and everything else that goes along with being an adult in today's world so here is their take on the legal side of things.

Brain-Snack, LLC

[email protected]

307 SE 167th AVE

Portland, OR 97233


Terms and Conditions

COMPANY: Brain-Snack, 307 SE 167th AVE Portland, OR 97233

SUBSCRIBER: The organizations purchasing the monthly subscription. This may be a company, government or managed services provider.

END-USER: The person receiving the content from the subscriber.

CONTENT: The newsletter, website, videos and associated information that Brain-Snack provides to the subscriber.

PACKAGE: The collection of content delivered to the subscriber each month.

Permission to the website is granted to the direct END-USERS of the SUBSCRIBER.

This agreement is enforced by the State of Oregon.

Updated November 2018

We reserve the right to modify the terms of this Policy at any time.

Brain-Snack maintains all rights to the content created and published on the website.

CONTENT may not be repurposed or distributed in any way other than specified without the expressed written consent of COMPANY.

The contracted pricing is based on the number of END-USERS at the time of the contract. COMPANY reserves the right to adjust the pricing for the SUBSCRIBER after the first year and at each subsequent six-month period based on the number of END-USERS.

COMPANY will typically raise pricing each year.

COMPANY reserves the right to suspend website access based on non-payment from SUBSCRIBER.


Your use of the COMPANY website and CONTENT is provided "as is." While COMPANY will do it's best to maintain and keep the website functioning and error-free, bad stuff occasionally happens. If bad stuff happens, COMPANY will work judiciously with its partners to restore services as quickly as possible.

CONTENT reflects our opinion of best practice at the time of publishing. We constantly work to keep information current. If we share information you feel is incorrect, please contact us.

Occasionally, COMPANY reuses CONTENT in monthly PACKAGES.

END-USERS may provide feedback or content through online forums or other means. This feedback or content is then considered property of COMPANY.


The COMPANY will deliver PACKAGE once a month on the contracted day of the month. This is typically the first day of the month.

We all know that at certain times, technology fails, and the PACKAGE may be late. In these circumstances, the COMPANY will alert the SUBSCRIBER of the delay within 24 hours of the contracted date. If the PACKAGE is over one week late, the COMPANY will provide the SUBSCRIBER either a refund for that month's PACKAGE or an extended contract month.

If COMPANY fails to produce CONTENT, SUBSCRIBER is entitled to a refund for all undelivered PACKAGES.

Company, government or organization SUBSCRIBERS must forward the content only to end-users within that subscriber domain.

Managed services SUBSCRIBERS must only forward the content to end-users who are actively under contract for services by the managed services provider.

As email domain verification is required of END-USERS, SUBSCRIBERS, specifically managed services providers, are responsible for updating domains under contract.

END-USER understands that the website may only be accessed through their SUBSCRIBER email account. Personal email accounts will not work.

If END-USER shares login information, their account may be suspended or shut down.