What is a Brain-Snack?

Our Focus

The Brain-Snack focus targets improving your client's workforce efficiency by addressing core Microsoft processes that everyone performs. Each month, your clients get a new set of videos that address a new topic. Brain-Snack provides a cohesive, organized, and pattern based approach to learning that results in long-lasting retention.

Each Brain-Snack is practical and immediately applicable. From our years of learning and teaching Microsoft technology, we've heard and seen reactions to different tools and techniques. We've distilled this data into concentrated bite-sized learning focused on best business use. Learn one thing well and apply it over and over again.

time chart

We keep our videos around one minute in duration and aim to keep end-user monthly time investment under 15 minutes. End-users can conservatively expect to save a minute a day for each thing they pick up and apply. If an end-user picks up just one thing each month, they’ll be saving 15 minutes each week after just 3 months with Brain-Snack.

We've even taken steps to encourage users to take part in our learning program.

Each month, as we tackle a new subject, we send out a newsletter branded with your company's logo that details what we're covering. Its clean, uncluttered, and completely ad free. End-users quickly decide the information relevant to their jobs and begin learning in just one click.


Further videos are easily accessible from your private learning portal.


Example Themes

  • Finding Information – How to use the Search tools in Office programs.
  • Navigation - Time-saving techniques for navigating Office and Windows. Focuses on eliminating unnecessary mouse movement and faster navigation.
  • Selection Techniques – Advanced selection to allow faster more accurate edits.
  • Tables – Creation, sizing and manipulation of tables.

Our Typical Package: